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Quixote Winery Napa Valley – California USA

maart 2004
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Het de door Hundertwasser ontworpen gebouw van Quixote Winery Napa Valley – California USA

Deze foto’s werden me per email toegestuurd. Ze zijn door een Amerikaan gemaakt en hij vertelde me dat de eigenaar van deze Winery het niet prettig vind om publiciteit te krijgen voor zijn gebouw. Hij wil Hundertwasser-toeristen graag op grote afstand houden.
Toch wil ik je deze foto’s niet onthouden, omdat er op het hele internet en ook in de Hundertwasserboeken geen enkele foto van dit gebouw te vinden is. Het adres van de Winery ken ik niet en het is in het landschap zeer moeilijk te vinden, zoals je op de bovenste foto wel kan zien.

31 maart 2004 – update:
Ik heb op het internet de website van Quixote Winery Napa Valley gevonden en bij de log over de Scale models is het adres te vinden.

The winery homepage

Additional Information:

Has modern man inadvertently transformed wine, a beverage of consummate pleasure, into an absurdly serious pursuit?

Deciding that this was indeed the case, we determined that the architecture for Quixote Winery should combat all such notions and devote itself to uplifting the human spirit.

This decision led to discussions with many architects and, ultimately, to traveling a continent away to find Freiderich Hundertwasser (1928-2000), a delightfully witty Viennese artist, architect, philosopher and environmentalist. Hundertwasser devoted his life to the celebration of man’s zest for adventure.

To be honest, Hundertwasser at first wouldn’t give this crazy American the time of day. But eventually the magic of our location at the foot of the Stags Leap Palisades captured his soul and a close friendship evolved. Finally, Friederich picked up his pencil and began to draw.

As an architect, Hundertwasser had three signature elements. The first was the sod roof. This fit perfectly with our desire for Quixote not to intrude into the spectacular landscape. The second was the exuberant use of decorative ceramic tile. This matched our desire to create a festive atmosphere.

Was it contradictory to want a building that was both inconspicuous and panegyrical? Of course it was. But that was just the design that Hundertwasser produced. The capstone of the design was his third signature element: a gold-leaf onion dome. When we protested that the dome was over the top, Hundertwasser overrode our complaints. “Your life,” he sternly informed us, “will change when you work under this gold-leaf dome.”

Quixote Winery was under planning and construction from 1988 until 1998. It is Hundertwasser’s only building in the United States. Sadly, current zoning restrictions prevent us from opening to the public.

source: Website of Quixote Winery Napa Valley – California USA


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