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The Magderburger Grxfcne Zitadelle will be realized

Magderburger Grxfcne Zitadelle

The last Hundertwasser building design will be realized

The last Hundertwasserhaus design will be build in the center of Magdeburg (Germany) and is called “Die grxfcne Zitadelle” (The green Citadel) . The buildingprocess of “Die grxfcne Zitadelle” has started in December 2003.
Friedensreich Hundertwasser had worked at the design of this building untill his dead in February 2000.

During months the start of the buildingprocess had moved forward and there were problems about the financing of the piece of land, the commercial rights and the negotiation about the price.But the sales contract for the piece of land in favor of “Die Grxfcne Zitadelle” was signed and by that the last obstacles had removed.”Die Grxfcne Zitadelle” will going to cost 27,1 million euro.

Hotel, houses, offices, gallery and kindergarten

The Hundertwasserhaus “Die Grxfcne Zitadelle” will be build beside the “Magdeburger Dom”.
The building will be ready at the end of 2005.

The total surface area will be 11.285 square meters.
There will be realized 55 houses (appartments), 18 offices and 18 shops.
In the basement will be realized a gallery or an exhibition centre.
There also will be realized a hotel with 42 beds and a kindergarten of “der Evangelischen Stadtsmission”.

Hundertwasser told that this haus “die Grxfcne Zitadelle” was his most beautiful and his best design in harmony with the “Magdeburger Dom”.

last time actualized: December, 15th 2003 – 13h58

Translated from German in English: Rogier van den Berg (March, 29th 2004).

Grundsteinlegung fxfcr das Hundertwasserhaus in Magdeburg

Der Grundstein trxe4gt eine Plakette mit Jahreszahl. Natxfcrlich wurden die xfcblichen Beigaben mit verbuddelt, darunter eine Zeitung vom Tage.

Presse: Grundstein fxfcr letztes Hundertwasserhaus gelegt


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