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Hundertwasser Architecture book

Er is een Hundertwasser Architectuur boek te koop voor ongeveer 30 euro.

Daarin staat van alles over zijn architectuur en waarom hij het zo ontworpen heeft.
Achter in het boek staat een route langs al zijn gebouwen in Duitsland en Oostenrijk .

In this book you can find the most information about Hundertwasser’s architecture.
On the last page of the book you will find a route to visit his buildings in Austria and Germany.

This archirecture book is for sale in English, German, Dutch and French.

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“Straight lines are utterly alien to human beings, to life, and to the whole of creation”. Friedensreich Hundertwasser
“A world full of colour”, says Friedensreich Hundertwasser, “is synonymous with paradise”, a maxim that characterises the whole of the artist’s architectural work. Goodbye to functional building, Hundertwasser stands for organic ways of living, with colours and shapes tuned to the natural and the human. “Straight lines”, he says, “are utterly alien to human beings, to life, and to the whole of creation”.

Since beginning his artistic career in the 50s, Hundertwasser has been preoccupied with architecture in his painting. Architects and art historians dismissed his work – but in the early 70s he designed his first architectural models and faxe7ades. Success vindicated his vision. With greenery on the rooftops, irregularly positioned windows, gilded turrets and not a straight line in sight, Hundertwasser’s architecture is unmistakable.

This first catalogue raisonné of Hundertwasser’s architecture examines all his buildings and projects, whether realized or not, tracing them from the first sketches, through the models, to completion.

Please note: Temporarily not available in Austria

Dutch: 3-8228-8382-4
English: 3-8228-8564-9
German: 3-8228-8594-0
Japanese: 4-88783-099-8

List Prices:
USD 39.99 | GBP 24.99 | EUR 29.99 | JPY 5900.00

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  1. Saskia schreef:

    Ik heb dit boek ook, en ben er erg blij mee.

  2. Queen of Hope schreef:

    Goede site, lekker veel informatie over Hundertwasser. We gaan zeker nog meer van hem bezoeken. Dit boek zal ik zeker willen kopen bij de Duitseboekhandel in Amsterdam.

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