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Hundertwasser Euro-Solar Park

april 2004
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Since 1991 the town of Dillingen/Saar and “Zukunftswerkstatt-Saar” (workshop for the future), which is based there, have, through a host of initiatives, proved their intention to develop Dillingen/Saar into a solar model town, and thus to show ways towards a forward-looking and sustainable town development.

Solar fairs, solar mobile- and solar boat championships, forums about the future organised on a regular basis and other activities have aroused interest throughout the country. The Solar Park project adds a new dimension to the solar initiatives of the town: visions become built reality.

Winning over Friedensreich Hundertwasser for the overall architectural and artistic design makes the project stand out against similar ones: the “Hundertwasser Solar Park Dillingen/Saar” will have an effect far beyond the borders of the Saarland.

Chronology of Events

1997 “Zukunftswerkstatt-Saar” develops concept for Solar Park

1998 Preliminary ideas, sketches and suggestions for Solar Park by Hundertwasser

1999 March: contract between GBS and Hundertwasser, development of design ideas for the Pueblo, the residential area and the hotel in the triangle between Kawa Kawa, Vienna and Dillingen/Saar.
December: feasibility study by “isoplan” completed

2000 February: On 19 February 2000 Friedensreich Hundertwasser dies of heart failure during the voyage to Europe on board the Queen Elizabeth II.
In the days before and even on the day of his death, in anticipation of the forthcoming project talks, he works on his last two architectural projects. Besides a hotel building on Teneriffe this is the Solar Park in Dillingen/Saar.
November: Architect Springmann, Plochingen, produces the first architectural models based on Master Hundertwasser’s design sketches and instructions.

2001 Planning for permission

2002 Start of construction work

2004/2005 Completion and commissioning

Solar Park

The Solar Park is located in 110 hectares of meadowland of the river Saar on the Western edge of Dillingen/Saar. A 25- hectare lake, called “Eco-lake” is also part of this area. In the immediate vicinity of a motorway exit (A620 Saarbrxfccken-Luxembourg) a unique integrated project will be created on an area of 30 hectares:

a conference hotel carried out in accordance with Hundertwasser’s ideas at the entrance of
town, an adjacent park area with various solar art installations, an amphitheatre and organic test

integrated in the park area, the “brain” of the Solar Park: the “Pueblo”, a multifunctional demonstration- and education centre, and finally,

a residential complex for elderly people in need of care, based on sketches by Hundertwasser like all the other components of the project. Adjacent to that there will be an area for detached 1-2 family houses (open style).

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