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A School with Trees Growing out of the Windows

april 2004
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It was children’s drawings which gave Hundertwasser the idea of designing a school in Wittenberg in the imaginative Hundertwasser style, making use of ceramics from the Ebinger Studios. Teams of school children and local artists contributed to the interior design.

Die ersten Bauskizze des Architekten Peter Pelikan wurde nach den Angaben von Hundertwasser mit Anmerkungen versehen.

Lutherstadt Wittenberg, The Hundertwasser Project
The world famous painter philosopher and unconventional architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser of Vienna intends to brighten and extensively remodel the exterior of Wittenberg’s Martin Luther college preparatory school. His model of the school in a ratio of 1:100 was presented to the public during an exhibition in February of 1995.

With his plans, the artist complies with the wish of many pupils and other Wittenberg citizens who in the persons of the cultural representative of Wittenberg County and the principal of the Martin Luther college preparatory school personally expressed their opinions in a meeting with Mr. Hundertwasser in December of 1993. The run down building, a pre fabricated concrete slab structure erected [turned into a school] in 1975, stands in the western part of Wittenberg’s new housing area. Approximately 1,000 pupils attend the school. An elementary school is housed in the north wing of the building.

There are numerous project ideas for the interior of the building. Fifteen artists from Saxony-Anhalt and two studios designed to foster creativity in children developed many interesting concepts for arranging inner spaces. Together with pupils of the school and under professional leadership, they will design stairs, hallways, floors or classrooms in ways that will be functionally acceptable and yet appealing to both fancy and the senses. Wooden entryways and ceramic columns are already being built. A ceramics studio the prerequisite for various projects has also been installed.

This multimedia school is unique and will be heard of in the future! The devotees of Hundertwasser are getting a new destination for their pilgrimages to locations of the architect’s “realized dreams.” In front of them will soon stand the world’s first Hundertwasser school and the first Hundertwasser structure in all of East Germany.


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    Hoi Rogier,

    Ik ga je weblog in de gaten houden, heel interessant.
    Ben zelf een fervent huizenschilder toen ik van een ander ineens te horen kreeg: ken je het werk van hundertwasser?
    Nu wel dus!

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