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Hundertwasser's Garbage Incineration Osaka – Japan

november 2004
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Garbage Incineration Facility /
Rubbish Incineration Facility

A new constructor was built in Mai-shima, a reclaimed island of Osaka, in April, 2001. The formal name of the construction is “Mai-shima Factory of Department of Environmental Enterprise of Osaka City.” A big official name but, as a matter of fact, it is a rubbish incineration facility(RIF). RIF always carries some kind of dark image these days, however, this building is outstandingly fashionable. (see photos)

It seems to be mistaken as a pavilion building of exhibition by the outside wall porcelainous painted patterns colored by red and orange, many onion-shaped towers here and there, and all shining in gold. Anyone who has informed more or less in architecture can surmise that the arichitects of the building are Friedensreich Hundertwasser of Vienna, and Showa Sekkei,Inc.,Osaka.

Hundertwasser, who was formerly a painter but disliked geometric line, built houses like RIF.
His Hundertwasserhaus at Lxf6wengasse lately became a sight seeing spot in Vienna. Sorrow to say, however, he passed away on Queen Elizabeth 2 on the Pacific in the beginning of 2000

Osaka, Osaka Prefecture

total floor area:

steel reinforced concrete structure,
reinforced concrete structure,
steel structure, 2 basements and 7 stories

completion date:

The columns are made by Ebinger Baukeramik and they have a height of
about 10 meters. All the ceramic parts were made by Ebinger like a jigsaw puzzle.
In Osaka they assembled the parts to build the 10 meters high columns.
All the columns are earthquake proof, because they built the plant in a seismic zone.
Watch he person in the leftside of the picture, now you can imagine how big that columns are.

Examine the organic shaped foot path

If you wanna know more about Hundertwasser’s Garbage Incineration Osaka – Japan then go to en click the link Architecture and then the link Garbage Incineration Osaka – Japan

Ebinger Baukeramik gave me permission to use the Osaka pictures
on my website. These pictures are coming from the Ebinger archives.
For that permission my very special thanks.

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