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The Maishima Sludge Center by Hundertwasser

december 2004
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The Maishima Sludge Center will enable centralized and efficient treatment of sewage sludge from the city’s 12 wastewater treatment plants. It will be equipped with an incinerator to melt sludge and produce slag, which can be reused as construction material. The plant will be an environmentally sound facility in harmony with the surrounding area.

Currently, part of the sludge generated is melted into slag and reused, but the majority is transported to three plants, incinerated, and landfilled. The existing incineration facilities are in need of renewal and the introduction of advanced treatment and continued improvements in the sewerage system promises an increase in the volume of sludge to be generated.

Main facilities:

Sludge melting furnace (150t/day x 6 units)
Dewatering units (60m3/hour x 6 units)
Treatment capacity: 900t/day of sludge cake

FY 1999 Construction begins
FY 2003 Scheduled completion of 1st phase project
FY 2006 Scheduled completion of 2nd phase project
FY 2009 Scheduled completion of 3rd phase project

Cost: Approx. 80 billion yen

Machinery Dept., Sewerage Div.
Environment and Sewerage Bureau
Tel: +81-6-6615-7891

Friedensreich Hundertwasser designed the columns for the Sludge Center in Osaka – Japan and Ebinger BauKermik (Bad Ems Germany) made the ceramic columns.
See pictures below:

In this picture (left) you can see the tower of the Hundertwasser carbage incinerator in Osaka – Japan.

See also weblog-entry The carbage Incenarator Osaka – Japan

Ebinger Baukeramik gave me permission to use the Osaka pictures
on my website. These pictures are coming from the Ebinger archives.
For that permission my very special thanks.

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