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Hundertwasser's Garbage Incineration Osaka

A new constructor was built in Mai-shima, a reclaimed island of Osaka, in April, 2001. The formal name of the construction is “Mai-shima Factory of Department of Environmental Enterprise of Osaka City.” A big official name but, as a matter of fact, it is a rubbish incineration facility(RIF).
RIF always carries some kind of dark image these days, however, this building is outstandingly fashionable. (see photos)

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In this picture you see a window (left) of the MOP Garbage Incinerator and in the back you see The Sludge center.



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  1. flore schreef:

    hey, kvind et nen vree leuke site, ik moet voor school foto’s zoeken van hundertwasser en hier heb ik veel foto’s gevonden , dank u !! 😀 😛 8)

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