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World famous Hundertwasser Toilet in Kawakawa is cracking

Gepubliceerd opĀ 28 jul 2012

It’s New Zealand’s most famous toilet block.
But the much-loved tourist stop in Northland could be, well, in the crap.
The famed Friedensreich Hundertwasser-designed toilets in Kawakawa are sinking, and the local custodians are worried the widening cracks will one day see the Austrian artist’s last work damaged beyond repair.
Anna Burns-Francis went to find out what can be done to save the world’s most practical work of art.


Hundertwasser’s Toiletbuilding in Kawakawa

Hundertwasser Toilets Kawakawa - New Zealand

Een videoclip die een indruk geeft van de toiletten in Kawakawa in Nieuw Zeeland, waar Hundertwasser vanaf de beginjaren ’70 van de vorige eeuw heeft gewoond en gewerkt.

The small Northland town of Kawakawa is home to an unusual tourist attraction – vibrant and colourful public toilets designed by the Austrian artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Hundertwasser, whose distinctive work featured curves, spirals and bright colours, lived outside Kawakawa from the 1970s until his death.

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